Yabai Izakaya, Japanese Food

Yabai Izakaya

We had ceased operation as of 19th Oct 2023. Thank you.

We are proud to serve our famous Japanese Food; Yabai sushi, and Kushiya, as well as our gorgeous sashimi platters and modernized dishes, all made from the freshest ingredients.

Our selections from the bar strongly focus on “wa” (Japanese) flavors, with a range of sake, and beer. The interior, is elegant yet comfortable, making it the perfect space for any type of dining experience, whether you are on a romantic date, conducting a business meeting, or simply in the mood to sit at the bar and enjoy some quality time alone.

  • Foie Gras
  • Japanese Oyster
  • Japanese Udon
  • Sushi
  • Japanese Zensai
  • Japanese Beef

Yabai Japanese Food

Yabai Izakaya is a Japanese Food Restaurant located at 57 Boat Quay, made up of three kanji with the meaning, in order, “stay-drink-place.” A spot to grab a drink, settle in, and get comfortable. Our Japanese Food menu consists of Sashimi, Salad, Sushi, Zensai, Agemono, Kushiyaki, Temaki, Makisushi, Yakimono, Nimono, Donburi, Menrui, Shabu Shabu & Dessert.